Car Hire Tips

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Car hire is an ideal option for people travelling to foreign cities and those that do not own cars. Hiring a car could seem like an easy task. However, a few errors could lead to serious liabilities and losses. Below is a guide on how to hire a car. 

Work With Reputable Car Hire Companies

Conduct some internet research to identify reputable car hire companies in the area you intend to visit. Examine the following when choosing a car rental company. 

The company should have 24-hour customer service. It prevents miscommunication once you hire the vehicle.

Check the company's area of operation. For instance, the company could prohibit you from travelling outside the state.

Inquire about the available services. For example, you could want a company that offers chauffeurs. If you are a tourist, consider companies that organise city tours. 

Inspect The Vehicle

Inquire whether the car hire company has the vehicle that you intend to hire. For example, you might need a van when travelling with friends and family. On the other hand, SUVs are ideal for people that intend to travel off-road. Visit the company premises and inspect the vehicle. Some of your concerns should include the following.

The car should be spotlessly clean. Check the floor and boot for food particles that might attract pests. Besides, ensure that previous customers did not leave personal documents inside the vehicle.

The vehicle should have safety equipment such as emergency triangles, a first-aid box, a spare wheel, a spanner and a jack.

Inspect the mechanical condition of the vehicle. Typically, it should be serviced on time. Additionally, the engine should not have oil leaks or strange noises. The cooling system should be functional.

The vehicle's tires should have sufficient tread. Besides, the suspension system should be in excellent condition. 

Cost Saving

One of the easiest ways to save money as you rent a car is to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage. The policy will provide compensation in case of an accident. If you have travel insurance, check whether the coverage offers car rental insurance. Most companies will offer discounts if you make an early booking. Plus, you may get a price cut if you are a loyal customer. Check the terms of the insurance company to avoid extra costs. For example, some companies will charge more during the weekends. Besides, you may be liable for a cleaning charge if you litter inside the vehicle. Additionally, you will incur a penalty if you do not return the car on time. 

To learn more, contact a car hire company.