5 Reasons to Buy a Three-Row SUV Instead of a Minivan

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If you frequently need to carry more than 5 passengers, your first thought might be to purchase a minivan. However, you're probably better off buying a three-row SUV. With that vital third row, three-row SUVs can carry up to 8 passengers, just like a minivan, and they offer several further benefits besides.

Here are just five reasons to buy a three-row SUV over a minivan.

1. More Engaging Performance

Minivans are designed for one thing only: to take as many passengers and as much cargo as possible. Three-row SUVs take plenty of passengers and cargo, but they're also designed to deliver more engaging performance. You'll generally find SUVs fitted with stronger engines, and their more aerodynamic bodies lets them slip through the air faster than minivans. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to haul the whole family while also enjoying a satisfying drive.

2. Wider Variety

You've probably noticed that more and more SUVs are appearing on the roads every year—they've become one of the most desirable vehicle styles you can get. As the number of three-row SUVs has increased, the demand for minivans has dropped off. As such, you'll find a greater variety of three-row SUVs from which to choose, whether you're looking at new cars or pre-owned cars.

3. Higher Riding Position

One of the best things about riding in an SUV is the higher seating position. It feels fantastic to sit higher on the road than most other drivers, and it helps with manoeuvring when you can see around the vehicle more clearly. Minivans sit very low to the ground.  

4. Year-Round and Off-Road Capability

Large rear-drive vehicles tend to slip on wet, frosty or snowy roads, and they're hard to take across loose terrain. Most three-row SUVs compensate by offering available four-wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) systems, while the majority of minivans do not. That's an important concern if you expect to face slick roads. Additionally, a three-row SUV is perfect for going on light off-road trails since they have high ground clearances. Minivans offer low ground clearances, so they get stuck very easily.

5. Cooler Appearance

The minivan isn't exactly known as the coolest type of vehicle. Minivans are bulky, low to the ground and generally seen as driven only by older mums and dads. In contrast, a three-row SUV offers a more luxurious and adventurous appearance; there's no sense of sacrificing looks for practicality. You might be telling yourself this isn't such a major concern, but this is a vehicle you'll probably be driving every day for years to come. You should feel good about it.